February 17, 2021

Q&A - Ask kate anything


I love these episodes, they’re so fun to make and I love hearing from you guys and being able to chat directly about where you’re feeling stuck or struggling. 


So! We cover a LOT in this ep.


We talk fun things like pop-ups and pricing beta launches. And we go into some mindset stuff around dealing with overwhelm and how to create a chilled out business just like mine. (Lol, seriously though.)


Plus, I give you heaps of practical steps around the fastest and most strategic way to get clients, even when you’re starting from zero.  


I’m not going to promise sexy, sparkly unicorn type answers. But I can promise solid, strategic, non-sexy yet helpful advice (you know, the kind that actually works!). 


It’s all in there. Check it out.


Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • Strategic, practical steps for getting paid clients, even if you’re starting from zero. 
  • How to price a beta launch. 
  • My advice for how to deal with overwhelm.


Want More?

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  • Want the show notes + more funnel goodies? Head to katemckibbin.com/podcast

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